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Miscellaneous Information:

Ernie Ernstrom is creative director at artchitecture.com, a brand service of eek n ack, inc.

His rich and extensive background encompasses the many dimensions of the live events industry.
His Mantra is “More Pixels, Please.” For the past few years Ernie has chosen to chase an ever greater number of pixels. His focus is on developing skills and systems to enable pixels to cover every surface with the high definition imagery and visuals. 
His primary interest has been in the development of the Live Display Workstation. These powerful workstations are created for the playback and control of multi display and media rich environments. 
The LDws provides the power needed to operate the most intensive of applications. These workstations have the power to unlock the full potential of applications like MediaMaster by Arkaos. 
This has led to the development of the DArt the digital art machine. The DArt line of Live Display Workstations includes the Mini, MiniBox, Micro and Max. Ernie employs the DArt LDws in his goal to achieve unlimited pixels across endless displays.